Books – A Child’s Gateway To The World!

Books provide a great outlet for children! They help them learn, they give them ideas, they teach them about different cultures, and all the while, allowing them to stay close to home until they feel they are ready to face the world! Books can help prepare children in so many ways and are always there for them if they ever need them again. Just ask yourself – how many times have you re-read a book? And why? It held your interest, it helped you solve a problem, or it just gave you joy and made you smile!

Books help children learn about success in life.

When children read books about people who succeed, give back to the community, and create a better world, they learn valuable lessons. Those books will show them how to face hurdles and win. Books will give them examples to use to model their own life around. Mom and Dad are the great role models, but reading widens their ideas of the global world around them.

Books help children to develop their interests and passions.

Children read books that are their ‘favorites.’ The book is about what is important to them. It makes them think about possibilities. When a boy reads a book about space, he begins to get ideas, learns about the planets, and how they impact his world. A girl who builds with Legos will now think about what she could build on a larger scale and play a vital role in today’s world.

Books help children learn about other interests in life.

Books are a gateway for children to learn about art, music, the great novelists and famous artists. By being able to access and read about these subjects, they will be able to begin thinking on a higher level. These types of books will help them in their studies and give them the courage to try new things and not be afraid to fail.

Books will increase their self-confidence and identity.

Reading books will lead to children being more self-confident as they go through life. They will be able to take part in any number of activities or adventures (and we all know how children ‘love’ adventure!). This will help them feel safer and stronger in today’s changing world.

Books will help children learn at all levels.

Books come in a wide variety of topics for learning. For babies and toddlers, you have picture books that help them learn numbers, colors, shapes and letters. For young children you have books that teach the ideas of sharing, helping others, and how to cope when bad things happen like a family break up or someone dies. Fiction helps develop imagination, while non-fiction gives them a sense that they are not the only ones with feelings and questions. Books are thought-provoking and provide meaning and answers for everyone.

That’s why if you have any ideas about writing books for children – start now. Begin by putting down ideas and then do your research. Ask your own children, nieces, nephews, cousins, a friend’s children – get ideas from all over. Listen to their ideas and reasons why (or why not). Even the negatives can give you wonderful ideas for books. And it does not have to be a 500-page book either! Some of the best books for children are short, with colorful pictures and easy to read words. You need to come down to their level – which means maybe going back to your own childhood for those feelings, ideas and pictures.

Don’t be afraid! Give it a shot. You might be surprised at how well it turns out. Remember, writing is an ongoing process – so don’t give up!

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