About IOSIM, Inc.

Our Mission

Our corporation was established to provide the services needed by authors (and those with a dream of being an author) to transform their writing dreams into successful results in the digital publishing market. Our website can be found on http://iosim.co/  

We strive to partner and collaborate with our authors to ensure each one has the best opportunity to achieve the goals they have established for themselves.

To achieve this success we make every effort to apply innovation in each of our processes to continually deliver a successful result to each author we partner with to reach their publishing goals.

How Is IOSIM, Inc. Organized?

IOSIM, Inc. has four distinct divisions or operating units:

Business & Accountancy Publications

The Business & Accountancy Publications division offers services to assist others (individuals, other businesses, or educational institutions) in developing online course content and related materials in business, accounting and related fields; academic research monographs; and useful guides/manuals for start-up companies and small business owners.

Oak Press

Sales for the Business & Accountancy Publications are marketed under the Oak Press name. These include publications such as academic research monographs and guides/manuals developed for individuals exploring starting their own business or looking for affordable informational assistance in better managing their existing small business.

Touchstone Books

The Touchstone Books division provides publication services for new and established writers of non-children fictional and non-fictional novels, poetry, and short stories for general reading audiences meeting our quality standards

Rainbow Books

Our Rainbow Books division provides publication services for new and established writers of children fictional and non-fictional books and stories, children’s poetry; and short stories for new, young, and more advanced readers meeting our quality standards.

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