Why Do People Like Books?

Books take you to places you have never been before. It’s like seeing the world without ever leaving your favorite chair.

Books help you build ‘yourself’ to the next level. Books can inspire, help improve your self-confidence, help show you the similarities in others, let you know people have problems similar to yours – it really rounds out your view of life.

Books help you communicate and share. Someone may mention an idea they have and because you read something like that idea in a book, you can tell the person what you read and then talk about if it the idea is right, wrong, or you need to do more reading to form a better opinion or option.

Books help you open up your creative energies and boost your imagination. It helps you see that anything is ‘possible.’ It all depends on how you go about it, and what you want out of it in the end. That’s how inventors made better products than the originals. That’s how you make mac and cheese different. All from reading that stretches your mind.

Books are ‘cool.’ You don’t have to spent every minute with your nose in one. Books will ;help give you a wide array of topics to use when talking with people. Books help you find ‘common ground’ that is a great building block of friendships.

To help your child get interested in books:

  1. Read with them. Show them it is ok, no matter what your age is, to take some time to read. By reading with them you are making ‘special time’ with your children to show them you care about them.
  2. Pick books that interest everyone. Just reading one type of book can get a bit boring. When you mix it up, it helps your children think about things and gives you a chance to help them ‘see’ the world in a more informative way.
  3. When you read with your children, try to make a play out of it. Think about what the character looks like and then act it out for a bit. It will bring laughter into your time together and again – stir the imagination.
  4. Books are a good way to always be learning and growing. There are many genres of books – fiction, non-fiction, thrillers, sci-fi – and each can help ideas grow, improve life, make relationships better, and really help add to the ‘specialness’ of each person.

Take advantage of reading all you can, when you can. You don’t have to pick up a physical book each time you want to read either. The Internet, book stores, and many libraries let you read ‘online.’ So if you don’t feel like going out to get a book, just let your fingers and the Internet find the book you want. Want to try a new flavor of tea? That would be a great time to brew the tea, get a book, and then sit and enjoy both.

Books are not just for children – but for all ages! Start enjoying the mysteries of the Orient today. Build your first space ship. Cook your first casserole. Dream about where you want to live when you graduate college. What kind of work would really be right for you. All of this can be found in books. All it takes is a few minutes of your time and soon you will be on top of the mountain, or deep down on the ocean floor. It may even inspire you to write a children’s book. You can do anything because the choice is all yours!